Storytelling Through Dance

Storytelling Through Dance Performance 2023

The Archenemy
July 29, 12pm on the steps of Reading Public Library Main Library
Free performance open to the public

Join Barrio Alegría on the steps at Reading Public Library, Main Library, to experience a tale about a girl conquering her fears and redefining the destiny of her people! This unique performance blends the art forms of acting, dance and design to bring to life a story that reflects our cultures, ancestry, and dreams. 

What Is A Superhero? It’s not superpowers, it’s not a cape, and it’s certainly not a flashy logo. 

What Makes a Superhero? The ability to make the hard choices from which others would cower. The ability to stand against impossible odds to carry hope into the future. 

Puma, the superhero of the small town of Pukara has fallen ill and his archenemy is taking advantage of the situation. Aid comes from a young woman who helps to vanquish a new threat that is trying to destroy part of the city’s population. 

Lloraras – Oscar DLeon
Arinanara – Fruko y sus Tesos
The Song of the Sword Dancer – Percival Schuttenbach, Marcin Przybyłowicz
People are strange – The Doors
Mi Problema – Ismael Serrano
Por Toda a Minha Vida – Elis Regina
Gorrion – Dino Saluzzi
Free Bird – Lynyrd Skynyrd
They Dont Care About Us – Michael Jackson

Hong Kong Mambo – A Lo Nuestro