Berks County Library Association (BCLA)

BCLA is an organization comprised of individuals interested in promoting excellence in libraries in Berks County. The members include librarians, information specialists, paraprofessionals, administrators, trustees, and volunteers who represent academic, church, corporate, medical, public, and school libraries.

The association began in 1967 as an informal gathering of librarians to promote cooperation among county libraries.Today BCLA is a resource for communication and professional development for librarians and a network for sharing information and cooperating among all libraries.

The members include individuals from academic, public, and school libraries; and members from corporate, technical, and medical libraries. Some members are not associated with one specific library. A directory of members is issued annually to encourage interlibrary cooperation; and the newsletter, The Shelflist, is a primary means of communication outside the meetings.

Each year BCLA holds several meetings, one of which is an annual luncheon or dinner meeting. The programs held by the organization include tours, seminars, and workshops with speakers on a variety of topics. The group also offers individual professional development grants to members.

BCLA works hard to promote library services in Berks County.