The Teen Loft

For Teens aged 12-18 years.

The Teen Loft includes a lounge area to meet friends, play games, create, participate in programs, and use computers.  The teen collection consists of books, movies, and music.

Located on the second floor of Main Library.

Questions? Call the Teen Loft staff at 610.655.6350 Ext. 241.


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Teen Activities
1. Mind Body and Spirit
2. The Stars Beneath Our Feet
3. Teen Family Kit 1 Artemis Fowl and the Giver
4. Teen Family Kit 2 Black Panther and Miles Morales
5. Teen Family Kit 3 Adrift and Piecing Me Together
6. Winer2021-ReadSquared 8.5X11 updated 1.13
In-House Advertisement SAT Prep Workshop 2.21