Storytelling Through Dance 2017

July 29 | 12 pm on The Steps @ Main Library

Free Event – General Admission Seating

Inspired by the story of Little Red Riding Hood, Rosa Dances with Wolves retells the classic tale with a modern twist. Rosa, a young woman from Latin America, travels by boat to visit her sick grandmother in the United States. Upon arrival, she is taken captive by a pack of wolves and forced into a trafficking ring. Journey with Rosa in this emotional dance depiction of human trafficking and one woman’s fight to escape.

With a passion for engaging community members through the arts, Barrio Alegria will partner with Reading Public Library for the second time with their Storytelling through Dance production. The performance for this year is titled Rosa Dances with Wolves, whose storyline explores the issues of Toxic Masculinity and Human Trafficking. 

Continuing with the past trend of social justice themes, the production aims to raise awareness of human trafficking and the significance it has within our own community, while simultaneously touching on the impact Toxic Masculinity can have on gender injustice. Dancers will strive to communicate the responsibility we have in creating an equal environment for all genders, and the reality that human trafficking is not a problem far removed.  

Many of the performers are facing their fears and embracing the challenge of something unfamiliar to them, a decision which compels them toward self-growth and discovery. Overall, participants from this production hope to gain confidence in leadership, public speaking, and social skills, with a strong desire to make positive changes within their city. 

Ana Egusquiza
Andrea Palacios
Antolina Novas
Arleny Pimentel
Brian Kelly
Channing Durant
Daeshawn Spradley
Daniel Egusquiza
Diandra Alvarez
Juan Savoy
Katy Canseco
Ken Burkhat
Keyla Rodriguez
Maddie Hayez
Marcus I matos
Omar Sanchez
Oscaira Gonzalez
Paula Beltran
Rocio Sanchez
Rosa Flores
Sharibel Urena
Scarly Acosta
Steven Welch
Tasha Santiago
Thomas Canceco
Tony Veloz
Victor MGz
Wanda Ortiz
Yahaira Castillo
This is Not a Tango - The Juju Orchestra
Tu Si Sabes Quereme - Natalia Lafourcade
Where the light gets in - Sennen
La Rebelion - Joe Arroyo
Ausencias - Tony Veloz
Teeth - Lady Gaga
Cuando los pies besan el piso - Calle 13
Get Back - Beatles
Por Una Cabeza - Carlos Gardel
Mambo Gallego - Tito Puente
Corridors of Time: Chrono Trigger - The greatest Bits
Run Boy Run - Woodkid
xget4 - Shaka Ponk