Southeast Branch Library Interior Reopening

Renovation included a fresh coat of paint and new carpeting for the first time in 45 years thanks to a partnership between Lowe’s Heroes Project and Skyline Property Services. 

The library reopened on April 5.

The renovation included:
  • New carpeting
  • Fresh coat of paint to the library interior
  • Mobile book shelves in youth area to allow for flexible use of space
  • Window film to protect the library’s collection

 “These upgrades will send a message that the library is an important and worthwhile community investment and that the people we serve are deserving of a comfortable, attractive, and inviting space.”     Branch Manager and Librarian Emily McNulty

 Patron Comments:
  • “Amazing”
  • “Miraculous”
  • “So clean and bright.”
  • “Looks three times as big.”
  • “Two thumbs up.”
  • “you’ll never get me out of here now!!”

Lowe’s Heroes
Skyline Property Services
B & G Glass 
Dolan Construction
Steve Stauffer Painting
Community Partners:
Alvernia University
City of Reading Public Works Department
Individual Support:
Angela Ehst of Elements of Design Group LLC
Reading Public Library Board of Trustees
William Roberts, Esq.
2017 Cocktails and Classics
Nancy Campbell
Provided Meals for Volunteers:
Giant Food Stores
La Casa Del Chimi
Queen City Family Restaurant

Our library’s Board of Trustees, Director, and library staff all worked together with the above mentioned partners to make this project a success.