Odyssey: Storytelling Through Dance

July 30 | 1-2 pm on The Steps @ Main Library

Free Event – General Admission Seating

odyssey-storytelling-through-danceOdyssey is an original production resulting from a partnership between RPL’s Outreach Program and Barrio Alegria, an organization that utilizes performing arts as a platform for community engagement.

“Reading Public Library is not just a building that serves as a depository of books. It is a living and breathing entity that partners up with the community in order to help achieve its dreams. A performance on the steps at Main allows the library to blur the permanence of its walls.” — RPL Outreach Coordinator Daniel Egusquiza


OmeYoKanoube by Cirque Du Soleil
Blackbird by the Beatles
Monster Winer by Kerwin Du Bois
Lose Yourself By Eminem
Beautiful by Edwin Rivera
En el Muelle de San Blas by Mana
Querer by Cirque Du Soleil


Daniel Egusquiza, Director of Barrio Alegria, has been dancing and choreographing for ten years. He directed NuestrasVoces 2015 as well other community projects.

Deshawn Sprawley has been dancing since he was 8 years old. He decided to pursue a career in dance after auditioning for America’s Got Talent TV show. Deshawn has choreographed several pieces and has a very active online video dance presence.

Channing Durant appreciates the creative drive that comes from choreography. Inspired to dance after attending Theater Camp in High School he has also danced in NuestrasVoces 2015 and is excited to choreograph a song for Odyssey.

Maddy Hayes, an incoming junior at Exeter High School, has danced for ten years including ballet, modern, contemporary and jazz. She has choreographed several pieces and loves dance because she can express her emotions and connect with the audience so they can feel what she feels through the music.


A live flute performance will describe certain passages of the story.

STAR students from Abilities in Motion will perform a dance to an African song.

All rehearsals have taken place at Barrio Alegria Dance Studio.

RIZE’s Hip Hop class will feature a dance performance.

Poet, orator and composer Luis Morales Guzman has been building a poetry community in his hometown, Patillas, Puerto Rico, since 1973. In 2012 he received recognition for his poems on Puerto Rican identity at the 7th Puerto Rican festival in Central Park in Denver, CO. He has published several poetry anthologies including Antologia de la Liga de Poetas del Sur, and Sentimientos.

Students from the Self Defense class at Barrio will be demonstrating choreographed karate and jujitsu moves to music.


Homer’s Odyssey

Dante’s Divine Comedy