How To Get A Library Card

rpl-library-cardWhat do I need to open a library card?

1. Valid Photo Identification

This may be one of the following items:

• PA State Driver’s License
• Valid PA Photo Identification Card

2. Proof that you reside in Berks County

This may be one of the following items:

• PA Driver’s License or PA Photo ID
• Current utility bill (water, gas, electric, phone)
• Postcard mailed to you from the Library

3. Children 17 years and younger must be accompanied by a parent with photo ID and proof of current address when signing up for a library card.

4. Visitors to Berks County may use the Internet computers if they present valid identification.

5. Welcome Card:All new RPL patrons will receive a Welcome Card with limited borrowing privileges. A maximum of 5 items may be borrowed at one time on a Welcome Card. Additional borrowing will be blocked if more than $5 is owed or if you do not provide us with a valid mailing address.

The Welcome Card will convert to a full privilege card after 6 months or 50 items borrowed– whichever comes first. There must not be more than $5 owed, the address must be correct, and there cannot be more than one incident of lost or damaged materials.


How long your library card lasts
Library cards not presented at the library for more than seven years will be invalidated. Library cardholders are asked to update their address periodically while using their card at the library.

If you lose your library card
Library cardholders must inform us in person or call us by phone to invalidate a lost library card and prevent others from using it. A replacement fee of $2.00 will be charged to reissue a library card.

Library card security
You are financially responsible for everything that is checked out on your library card. Do not let other people use your library card or the items you check out.

Change of address
Let us know if your contact information changes (address, phone number, email address).