Little Book Swap – A Novel Idea

‘Book Deserts’ Mean Low-Income Kids Have Nothing to Read.

In a study recently published in the journal Urban Education, Susan Neuman, an education professor and literacy specialist at NYU, and her colleague Naomi Moland, an assistant professor at Columbia’s Teachers’ College, outlined the problem of “book deserts”: neighborhoods where it’s difficult or impossible for a kid to find something to read. (Source:, Cari Romm)

We teamed up with Goodwill Keystone and Albright College to wipe out book deserts in our city. Goodwill Keystone donated the book containers, Albright College Art Lab students decorated them and RPL provided the books. Local businesses have generously offered to host the Little Book Swaps.

Little Book Swap locations:

If you are a business interested in hosting a Little Book Swap or would like to donate books email

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