FINES & FEES for overdue material

Overdue Fines

Cardholders are responsible for returning library materials on time. Overdue fines are charged as an incentive to return materials promptly. Fines are calculated by calendar day and vary by material type. There are no fines on juvenile audio, books, magazines, Playaways, or VHS tapes, or teen books; however, cardholders are responsible for Replacement Costs and Administrative Fees for all items.

 Adult Materials (including Teen)     Juvenile Materials

  • Books—$.25/day ($5.00 max)
    No Fines for Teens
  • Audio—$.25/day
  • DVDs, DVD sets, CD’s, Playaways—$.25/day ($5.00 max)
  • Magazines—$.25/day ($2.00 max
  • Museum passes, ILLs—$1.00/day
  • Hotspots, tablets, eBook readers, VHS tapes, special materials—Determined by owning library 

  •  Audio, books & VHS tapes—none
  • DVDs, DVD sets, CD’s—$.25/day ($5.00 max)
  • Magazines—none
  • Playaways—none 

Overdue Notices

Cardholders are notified when items checked out become delinquent. This applies for all adult and juvenile materials. A billing invoice is sent if, after 2 overdue notices, the items have not been returned. Section 6708 of Title 18, Pennsylvania Code makes it a summary offense to retain library property after being notified to return it.

10 Days After Due Date — the first overdue notice will be issued in the form of a phone call, email, text, or letter.
20 Days After Due Date — the second and final overdue notice will be issued in the form of a letter.
30 Days After Due Date — items will be marked LOST and a bill will be sent to the responsible cardholder to cover the cost of the item and a $5.00 Administrative Fee per item. 

Some libraries may offer a refund or a credit for lost materials that were previously paid for, if the materials are returned in good condition to the library within 60 days from the original due date. Maximum fines (if applicable) and Administrative Fees will be deducted from the refunded or credited amount.